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Lakerama’s Graeme S (Hsuan Records) and Senita (Shookrah) are not artists unused to shy lending of talents to explore new soundscapes in their respective work. Since the debut EP release ‘One’ in 2015, the Irish based duo have received plaudits from several high profile, national online and press publications including Nialler9, The Irish Times, BBC Ulster, The Thin Air and have played support to Taylor McFerrin, SassyBlack and Princess Nokia.

Lakerama’s follow up EP, ‘Contactless’, looks to explore ‘tapped in world’ dissonances we are shaped by, versus the vacancy and distance we create within as a by-product of this with their newest body of work. Weaving together a pulsating electronic hybrid grime and mutant house beats balanced dynamically over soft but powerful vocals combination. The duo have locked down a timely, infectious sound.

“A look into our era of cross communicative mediums, the ineptitude to connect to one another and ourselves, the efficiency, burst of the technological age and our heightened numbness within it and our perceived lack of control. It’s a personal recount of waking up, wondering where you fall in this and how it applies to you,” the duo explain about their new music. “Y0_(Why_Naught)” is the quick mantra starting off the EP. Addictive swirling synths and attention demanding vocals challenging it’s pushing, grime undertoned bassline. “Have Your Time” is a bitter-sweet love song explains Senita "I am not interested in anymore confrontations". “Walk” is a meditative song, soft, tentative, warm and lush. It embodies soulful harmonies and garage bassline pulses. “We Don't Even Matter” channels darkness and hopelessness themes “people close to me have often struggled to enjoy a safe, ordinary life. I take on an individual’s voice who's had to immigrate, hoping to advance somehow by leaving their home, only finding displacement and lack of support” Senita explains, misunderstandings, worthlessness and alienation drive this haunting, emotional song. Final track “Just Enjoy Yourself” lifts the tone to explore a more fun and playful affair. Imploring the listener not to take life seriously and let the good times roll - “It’s very much the glue to all the ideas running in this overall EP.”

Graeme: “The idea with this EP was to incorporate a palette of sounds and influences we wouldn't normally indulge in, from the sprawling UK sounds of UK Funky and Grime to hyperactive trap. 'Contactless' is meant to be intentionally darker and in many tracks the production is stripped right back. This gives Senita's voice vulnerability but there's also a strong sense of self and a confidence that comes through. Given that the EP was written over 2016, it reflected the state of mind that many of us find ourselves in, we are not overly optimistic about the future but neither are we nihilistic, ultimately we feel we are at a crossroad and it's not entirely clear if we have any control over our futures”


released April 28, 2017

Production: Graeme S
Vocals: Senita

Artwork: Cara Chu
Additional Colouring/Lettering: Louisa Donnelly



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Lakerama Ireland

Lakerama is comprised of Irish based producer Graeme S and singer- songwriter Senita Appiakorang.

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